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Cognitive Care

Empowering people living with neurological conditions and their families to lead productive, meaningful lives by revolutionizing personalized health care and the patient experience.

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Better Care for Better Minds

Despite decades of progress, neurological conditions continue to challenge patients, families and providers. Treatments are few and far between. Care is fragmented and limited. And the burden weighs heavily on the families providing care.

We believe neurological care can be better.

At Neuroglee Therapeutics,
neurological care is more than treating a disease.

  • It’s delivering comprehensive and personalized care to those who need it, when they need it.
  • It’s equipping clinicians with continuous insights for effective care.
  • It’s accompanying patients and families through their highs and lows. It’s making a healthy, independent life a reality.

Delivering Personalized Care

Individualized Cognitive Program

Backed by evidence-based scientific research, our cognitive programs enhance cognitive, physical and emotional health. By analyzing a patient’s digital biomarkers, our solutions automatically individualize interventions for best results.

Continuous Monitoring

Our systems constantly measure cognitive performance, physiological and lifestyle biomarkers, giving clinicians a complete day-to-day view of their patient's health. With live reports on a patient’s well-being, clinicians can make informed decisions and optimize their patient’s treatment with ease.

Expert Clinical Care

Dedicated to journeying with patients and families every step of the way, our experienced clinical team provides you with continuous support, recommends personalized changes to your program and identifies health concerns early. Our integrated team partners with your local healthcare team to ensure optimal care from the comfort of your home.

Here Every Step of the Way

Learn how Neuroglee can help to reduce cognitive decline and promote independence.

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